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expanding horizons.

Waterworks Offshore Concepts is the first professional and only expert providing Maritime Investment-, Ship Finance- and M&A Advisory exclusively to the Offshore Wind & Renewable Energy Industry with a strong focus on specialized vessels & assets.

Renewable energy will be the primary source of power in the future and offshore wind plays a huge part in the ongoing transition. With almost limitless potential this green industry is waiting for innovation from the inside. Wind turbines are becoming bigger, offshore wind parks larger and authorities as well as energy companies are raising safety standards continuously. These ongoing developments call for modern, special and sustainable ships, which are ready to work and integrate in this future market and shipping industry.

Waterworks Offshore Concepts is acting in its own innovative way to shape the future of the renewable energy industry. Modern ship finance meets high-quality investment and M&A advisory from a young and skilled team who pride themselves on hanseatic reliability.



Within the Offshore Renewable Markets, companies are increasingly looking to either buy or sell stakes. Finding strategic investors to accelerate growth or to tap into new market areas are common reasons for companies to seek advice when it comes to Mergers and Acquisitions.

On the buy-side, investors are attracted by specialist companies that are leading service providers or technology enablers for Offshore Wind.

Large M&A advisory firms are often asking for retainers and heavy fees while the full process might be an overkill. Waterworks takes a lean match-making approach to M&A by utilizing it’s network of professional investors who are well established in the M&A space and hence have the ability to do their own due diligence processes and have legal support.


Traditional ship finance is mostly known with stiff structures and little to no flexibility to cover unforeseen events or strong market fluctuations. That often causes problems and leads to re-negotiations of existing finance deals which are cost and time consuming for all parties involved.

Waterworks Offshore Concepts allows offshore shipowners a financial flexibility shipping never had before. We look at ship finance from a new perspective, bringing back the advantages of ship finance.

Shipowners need to have more flexibility by default to slightly change payment structures for a limited time by either postponing payment or pay off asset debt in times of higher revenue.

Finance houses on the other side benefit from the pre-agreed structures with less to worry about in volatile markets.

With more than 80,000 ships worth more than USD 1 trillion operating 24/7, the shipping industry’s appetite for capital is insatiable.


Global Shipping portfolios have been stabilized, new ship finance structures developed and new sources of finance have become available to the industry. Our know-how and expertise opens up new maritime investment opportunities to traditional investors, banks, funds and issuing houses in a green, modern ESG environment: Offshore Wind.

We introduce our network of investors to a new market, elaborating insights, first-steps, creating and evaluating potential investment opportunities to become a part of the rapidly growing offshore wind industry.


Sven P. Boedewig

After gaining first insights in the ship finance market at a leading issuing and ship finance house in 2006, Sven has been educated in international ship management and since has been active as a specialized shipbroker for chartering and sale & purchase in the offshore renewable market.

Since the very beginning of the offshore renewable market Sven supported a whole range of clients with his expert knowledge of offshore wind, wave, tidal energy and special ships.

Bringing his fundamental and innovative knowledge to Waterworks Offshore Concepts makes him your partner to identify green energy and capital investments in modern market offshore assets.

Valentin Hartmann

Having successfully completed the apprenticeship at a renown tanker owner in 2015 to become international shipmanager, Valentin jumped right into shipbroking to handle sale and purchase transactions of merchant vessels worldwide.

Simultaneously, Valentin studied to be awarded with Bachelor of Science in Shipping, Trade and Transport from the London Metropolitan University. In 2017 he joined Waterworks Offshore Concepts to take his knowledge to the renewable offshore markets.

Having negotiated, executed and closed numerous S&P as well as large offshore support projects Valentin has the experience and academic background to advise you on your next project. Valentin became Partner in 2020.

Nikol A. Hearn

Nikol is a CFA charterholder specialising in the green transition centred around maritime investing. She is skilled in quantitative financial modelling, real asset deal analysis and statistical modelling techniques. Nikol has more than 6 years’ work experience in asset management, both in South Africa as well as London, after graduating with a master’s degree in Economics. With Nikols’ experience she supports our clients in Mergers & Acquisitions as well as fund advisory adding expert knowledge and value to the projects.

At a Glance

Future Market

The development of Offshore Wind Energy whether wind, wave or tidal, already plays a significant part in the energy transition – and we just got started!

Special Assets

Specialized, modern and environmental friendly ships are the key assets to develop a greener future within the offshore renewable market.


Our strong focus on sustainability ensures that investment targets are carefully selected to meet a modern investors’ demands.

Out of the Box

Out-of-the-Box methods, a modern and safe way of business development and hanseatic reliability pair our key advantages to develop unique projects together with our clients.


We proud ourself in being flexible in every way and so are our investors to give shipowners enough room to react on fluctuations fast, easy and on short notice.


Our ship finance background and offshore wind energy business network makes us your partner for market related M&A’s and green ESG offshore investments.


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Waterworks Offshore Concepts, Corp.
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